Efficient assets, excellent results. A company's success is related to the way it utilizies assets to generate results. Monitoring and automating assets with a powerful managing system results in greater efficiency by decreasing devices downtime, reducing overall costs by switching to a predictive maintenance program, offering pro active field support and quick decision making based in real time information, among other factors. Efficent assets provide a greater return of investment for any company.

Monitoring, automating and managing assets

We are an experienced team, compromised with efficiency, focusing on innovative approaches. We assure our customers are prepared to face new challenges by analyzing technological tendencies based on our experience.

HyO Platform

HyO Platform was developed to support the connection between a company's assets and managing systems. Based on Hydrobytes core values: flexibility and scalability, HyO platform uses open hardware solutions and web based systems along with a mature linux distribution, allowing it to be used in most diverse situations. It is:

  • Flexible
  • Customizable
  • Scalaable
  • Efficient
  • Integration Ready
  • Security

Industry 4.0 & Internet of Things There are 4.9 billion devices connected to the internet today. We assume 25 billion devices will be connected until 2020. How can your company benefit from this?

Ubiquitous Computing

Interaction between man and machine becomes seamlessly transparent. Digital data shows the true operating conditions of your assets. No more forged data.

Cost Reduction

Using your assets with greater efficiency means spending less to produce more.


Count on solutions that evolve with your company. Add new modules, hire new services according to your demand. Use only what's necessary.

Proactive Support

Add value to your service with a pro active support. Monitor critical variables and act as soon as the situation goes out of control.

OPC UA (Open process control)

Specification designed to standardize a 4.0 industry, enabling seamless integration of the HyO platform with legacy structures.

Distributed Computing

Each node connected to the network is intelligent. Since data processing doesn't depend on a single node, your operation becomes flexible.




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